Anywhre is an actionsports app that lets you record and explore great places using Mixed Reality, GPS-Tracking and Social Sharing.


Anywhre lets you Record your favorite off-piste runs, mountainbike trails, longboard hills, kite spots and much more. You can easily add pictures, a movie and a description to the recording. Share it with your friends to inspire and make it possible for them to view where it is. Do you want to keep a logged spot secret? No problem, just choose which special friends you want to share it with.


Users can Explore the world around them using mixed reality. View the world through the Live View and see the logged tracks and spots marked out in the actual terrain. From each pinned located drop-in spot you can easily access the information that the recording riders provided, view pictures and movie from that location. This will enable the user to decide if it looks like a track or spot that fits their skill level before they head out.


Interact with other users, follow friends and professionals. Share activities to social media and get inspired and inspire others. All in the name of building a big and happy actionsports community that will make the sports more available and invite more people to have fun.

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