The best runs, trails and spots world wide

After spending several seasons in St Anton am Arlberg, the mountains around Arlberg felt like home and navigating it felt like being around in your own backyard. A backyard that was far from explored to the fullest, but still familiar. But when traveling to other regions in the alps it became clear that other places where not that familiar, still the same snow but to find your way you needed to get some help from a local or someone else that was familiar with that region.

This is where the idea started to grow. Every place you get to has those familiar tracks and spots that are easy to access and can bring you joy and happiness for a couple of days, maybe even weeks and years. These tracks and spots are no secret to anyone who has been to that region before, but for a visitor they can be hard to spot. 
So the initial idea with Anywhre was to make an app that could help people finding those tracks and spots to be able to enjoy themselves the first couple of days and then hopefully during that time, meet up and become friends with other people in the area that can show them the really good stuff.